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公共项目 X Museum Public Programs


As an integrated art institution with multidisciplinary scope, X Museum presents exhibitions as well as a wide range of public programs in support of its exhibitions, including but not limited to film, theatre, music, design and architecture. X Museum spotlights on emerging art forces, exhibition topics, and humanistic thinking to offer a variety of activities such as panel talk, workshops, performance, and screening. X Museum public programs continuously provides a vessel for communication and exchange with the aim of bringing art closer to general audience, thus pushing forward the boundaries of contemporary art.



/ 表演 Performance
/ 工作坊 Workshop
/ 对谈 Talk
/ 互动 Interaction
/ 音乐 Music


表演 Performance
乐园 Wonder’s Land
2021.2.27 15:00-18:00


工作坊 Workshop
Serves You Right: Re-creating with Second-hand Goods

2021.2.6 15:00-17:00


对谈 Talk
The Poetic Exhibition and the Poeticness of Exhibition

2021.1.30 15:00-17:00


工作坊 Workshop
我们都是小怪兽 Human Monste
2021.1.16 15:00-17:00


Interactive Experience/Talk

视觉暂停 Paus-ight

2020.12.19 15:00-18:00


Guided Tours by X Museum Exhibition Team

The Blame: Listening Session on Issy Wood’s Music

2020.12.12 15:00-17:00


音乐/表演 Performance
ma9s:深水 DARK WATER
2020.10.31 15:00-17:00


表演/工作坊 Performance/Workshop
MondayOFF Sub-brand Mondayitis Presents: Cosmetic Angel

2020.10.7 15:00-17:00


互动项目 Interactive Program
“When She Arrives, the Knockings Stop”

2020.9.26 15:00-17:00


对谈 Talk
Behind Wave Making: Something About Online Variety Shows

2020.9.5 15:00-17:00


音乐/视觉现场 DJ/Visual Set
Shy People @ X: 白日造梦 Daydreaming
2020.8.15 16:00-18:00


诗歌/声音现场 Poetry and Music
The Altar of Sounds – Poetry, Hand-pan and Electronic-acoustic

2020.8.9 15:00-17:00


对谈 Talk
More Than Just Games:the Mechanism and Art of Video Games

2020.7.26 15:00-17:00


对谈/分享会 Talk and Share
Community and “Con-senting”——Meet and Talk with Lao Hao Shi Art Co-creation Group

2020.7.4 15:00-17:00



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