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X Museum is pleased to present 'Particularities' from 5 Spetember to 5 December, 2021. 'Particularities' is a group exhibition about contemporary, small-scale painting. At a time of increasing scale, expansion and general hypertrophy, this exhibition trains its gaze on painting practices that do the exact opposite. Inevitably considering small-scale painting as an ethical and ecological position, it responds to and builds upon the work of approximately twenty international artists working in the medium of painting today. Subject matter and modes of painting may vary, one thing all of these artists definitely have in common is a tendency toward economy of scale. And although formal modesty is the filament that binds them together, they otherwise remain wholly themselves, radiating like so many irreducible parts of a provisional constellation of contemporary painting.

卢卡·阿鲁达,《无题 (沙漠 – 模型系列)》,2019,布⾯油画,X 美术馆馆藏
Lucas Arruda, Untitled (from the Deserto – Modelo series), 2019, Oil on Canvas, X Museum Collection

伊丽莎白·佩顿,《皮埃尔 (皮埃尔·于热)》,2011-2012,板面油画,私人藏品
Elizabeth Peyton, Pierre (Pierre Huyghe), 2011-2012, Oil on Panel, Private Collection

Alexandra Noel, Go Around Cloud, 2021, Oil and Enamel on Panel, Courtesy the artist and Bodega, New York

汤姆·艾伦,《黄十字》,2019,布⾯油画,X 美术馆馆藏
Tom Allen, Yellow Cross, 2019, Oil on Canvas, X Museum Collection

苏菲·巴伯,《金和肯伊的无舌之吻》,2021,布面油画,X 美术馆馆藏
Sophie Barber, Kim and Kanye Kiss without Tongues, 2021, Oil on Canvas, X Museum Collection

参展艺术家 Artists

汤姆·艾伦,卢卡·阿鲁达,苏菲 · 巴伯,加雷斯·卡德瓦拉德,弗格斯·费希利,路易斯·哈蒙德, 布鲁克·徐, 詹妮弗·李,保罗·蒙泰罗, 亚历山德拉·诺埃尔,丹尼尔·里奥斯·罗德里格斯,保罗·P,圣地亚哥·德保利,伊丽莎白·佩顿,达娜·鲍威尔,埃莉诺·雷,路易·萨特,安娜·沙钦格,海莉·汤普金斯,八月唯。

Tom Allen, Lucas Arruda, Sophie Barber, Gareth Cadwallader, Fergus Feehily, Lewis Hammond, Brook Hsu, Jennifer J. Lee, Paulo Monteiro, Alexandra Noel, Daniel Rios Rodriguez, Paul P., Santiago de Paoli, Elizabeth Peyton, Dana Powell, Eleanor Ray, Louise Sartor, Anna Schachinger, Hayley Tompkins, Yui Yaegashi.

关于策展人 About Curator

克里斯·夏普是一名作家及独立策展人。作为联合创始人在墨西哥城创办了Lulu by X Museum。2021年初,他在洛杉矶开设了自己的当代艺术画廊 - 克里斯·夏普画廊。最近的展览包括“Alexandra Barth, Scenography” (克里斯·夏普画廊,2021);“Yuji Agematsu & On Kawara, Journalier” ( Lulu by X Museum,2020)。

他的写作生涯包括担任《Flash Art International》的新闻编辑,以及《Art Review》和《Art Agenda》的特约编辑,同时也是《La Cité des châteaux de sable》一书的作者。

Chris Sharp is a writer and independent curator. He co-founded Lulu by X Museum in Mexico City. At the start of 2021, he opened his own Los Angeles-based contemporary art gallery, Chris Sharp Gallery.

A selection of recent exhibitions includes ‘Alexandra Barth, Scenography’ (Chris Sharp Gallery, 2021); ‘Yuji Agematsu & On Kawara, Journalier’ ( Lulu by X Museum, 2020).

His writing career includes serving as the news editor of Flash Art International, and a contributing editor at Art Review and Art Agenda, as well as being the author of the book La Cité des châteaux de sable.