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X美术馆是由艺术收藏家黄勖夫Michael Xufu Huang及Theresa Xie 共同创建的民营美术馆。“X”是两条线的交汇,意指跨领域思想碰撞的无限可能性。秉承着严谨的学术态度及实验性的创新思路,X美术馆聚焦全球语境下中外艺术新力量,同时也囊括其他领域的创意实践,旨在打造一个关注新文化新思想的艺术机构。

X Museum is a private museum founded by Michael Xufu Huang and Theresa Tse. “X” is the intersection of two lines, as well as the conversation of innovative concepts between disciplines and their endless possibilities. Based on critical perspectives and experimental concepts, X Museum is committed to cultivating and supporting emerging artists within a global context while embracing innovative practices, aiming to build an art institution that celebrates new cultures and new ideas.