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1. 负责美术馆日常展览导览工作:向来馆参观的游客讲解展览内容主题、展出艺术品的背景资料等相关内容;
2. 检查及维护展出艺术品日常的状况;
3. 展览开放期间维护展厅秩序,发现意外情况及时汇报并协助妥善解决;
4. 其他统筹工作和美术馆安排的工作。

1. Responsible for the daily exhibition guide of the art museum: explain the theme of the exhibition content, the background information of the exhibited art, etc. to the visitors to the museum;
2. Inspect and maintain the daily condition of exhibited artworks;
3. Maintain the order of the exhibition hall during the opening of the exhibition, and report any accidents in time and assist in proper resolution;
4. Other overall work and work arranged by the art museum.

1. 年满18岁,热爱艺术,具有服务热忱及责任感;
2. 活泼,外向, 具有团队精神和协作能力,集体荣誉感强;
3. 当代艺术爱好者,热爱,尊重艺术,对志愿者服务和美术馆工作有兴趣或相关经验者;
4. 具有良好的阐述与讲解能力艺术专业相关背景,有良好的沟通能力与基础的英语对话能力者优先。

Rrecruitment requirements:
1. At least 18 years old, love art, have service enthusiasm and sense of responsibility;
2. Lively, outgoing, with team spirit and collaboration ability, strong sense of collective honor;
3. Contemporary art enthusiasts who love and respect the arts, who are interested in or have experience in volunteer services and gallery work;
4. Have a good background in arts and related skills, good communication skills and basic English conversation skills are preferred.

1. 亲身接触设计大师和艺术家们,近距离了解美术馆的运营与一个展览的成型;
3. 优先参与馆里的公众活动和艺术讲座;
4. 如果需要可以开设志愿服务证明。

You will get:
1. Get in touch with design masters and artists, and get a closer look at the operation of the museum and the formation of an exhibition;
2. Understand the entire process of the exhibition and the work of setting up the exhibition;
3. Priority participation in public events and art lectures in the pavilion;
4. If needed, you can open a certificate of volunteer service.

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