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With the explosion and interweaving of information in modern society, the form of contemporary art is constantly evolving. X Museum is founded by a pioneering team hoping to create a new cultural place for the new generation of youth in Beijing. TEMP, as the designer of the X Museum, started from the basic question of "the display and suspension of artworks", trying to explore a new form of museum and establish a typological space suitable for multidisciplinary creative exhibitions.

X美术馆的两层建筑囊括了十间展厅,总占地面积约2415平方米。除展厅空间外还包括艺术商店,图书馆,咖啡厅等公共空间 ,艺术品商店占地99.1㎡,咖啡厅,酒吧及图书馆空间约109㎡。美术馆内还带有一块供访客流连的室外庭院,可供举办招待晚宴等大型团体活动。美术馆的墙面使用专利砖块,可以根据您的需求悬挂任何物品。

The two-story building of the X Museum includes ten exhibition halls with a total area of 2415 square meters. In addition to the exhibition space, it also includes art store, library, cafe and other public spaces. The art store covers an area of ​​99.1㎡, and the cafe, bar and library space is about 109㎡. The museum also has an outdoor courtyard where visitors can linger, which can be used for large group events such as reception dinners. The gallery's walls use patented bricks and can hang anything according to your needs.


The architectural space of X Museum is suitable for various events including press conferences, product launches, dinner receptions, etc. The contemporary art atmosphere in the museum space will also provide a unique environment and artistic sense for your event.


如果您想要租赁我们的场地举办活动,请联系events@xmuseum.org 获取更多资料。

If you are interested in our venue, please contact events@xmuseum.org for more information.