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About Lulu by X Museum and
Chinese Artist Exhibition Open Call

2021年夏天,X美术馆在墨西哥的卫星空间 Lulu by X Museum正式运营。由Martin Soto Climent和Chris Sharp于2013年在墨西哥共同创立的Lulu完成了从独立艺术空间到X美术馆海外非盈利分部的转型。Chris Sharp继续担任艺术总监。双方通过年度艺术家驻地展览这一创新的形式展开合作。

Lulu by X Museum 每年将以 Open Call 的形式公开招募艺术家,发掘有潜力却还未被画廊代理的新锐艺术家,为其提供创作和展示的机会。在Chris Sharp与X美术馆的联合筛选下,每年都将会有一位艺术家能够获得前往墨西哥Lulu by X Museum举行海外驻地个展的机会。

In the summer of 2021, X Museum, Beijing and Lulu, Mexico City announced their collaboration, resulting in the transformation of Lulu into a non-profit satellite of X Museum, Beijing. The internationally renowned Mexico City-based hybrid project space, co-founded by Martin Soto Climent and Chris Sharp in 2013, became known as Lulu by X Museum. Chris Sharp remains the artistic director with contributions made to the programming by X Museum. This new exciting partnership involves artist residencies and annual exhibitions at Lulu by X Museum in Mexico City.

Lulu by X Museum aims to seek out and present emerging as well as overlooked or underestimated mid-career and established positions who have a tendency to express complex ideas through form and materials. Every year, X Museum supports emerging talents with an open call for artists based in China. Jointly selected by Chris Sharp and X Museum, the artist will be in residency at Lulu by X Museum in Mexico City, where they will create a solo exhibition.


Evian Wenyi Zhang: Flight Girls, skeleton and vampire bug



Zhiliang Zhao: Partition

Curator: Chris Sharp