X Virtual Workshop VI: Georgina Butterfly Love Park
X Virtual Workshop VI: Georgina Butterfly Love Park

Curator & Artists
Artist: Sid and Geri
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On March 15th, the artist group Sid and Geri will present X Virtual Workshop VI: ‘Georgina Butterfly Love Park.’ They are ready to take us on a journey of love deep into the inner world of Georgina, the Love-seeking Angel.


  Sid and Geri, artist


  March 15, 2023 / 20:00-21:30

About The WorkShop

  ‘Georgina Butterfly Love Park’ is based on the artist group’s series of works titled ‘Georgina’s Love Story’. The artwork tells a love story between the main character Georgina and her boyfriend King. In the first episode, ‘An Ambiguous Relationship,’ Georgina and King embarked on a whirlwind romance. During the early stages of their relationship, King doted on Georgina and captured their precious moments together on film. Unfortunately, their once-sweet love story eventually soured. As the couple moved in together, Georgina made it her mission to become the perfect wife by taking care of the household. However, things changed subtly over time. One evening, Georgina prepared a delicious dinner for King and eagerly awaited his return. But when King finally arrived home, Georgina was dismayed to learn that he had been out late enjoying karaoke with his colleague Amy…… ‘Georgina Butterfly Love Park’ is Georgina’s emotional inner world, composed of many small rooms, each filled with memories of her and King. Through this park, the audience can experience her profound emotions and establish a connection with the artwork. In the ‘Love Message Board’ room, participants can leave their own love notes or share their innermost thoughts with Georgina, becoming a part of ‘Georgina Butterfly Love Park.’  

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