Temporary Family
Temporary Family

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Guest: yy? (Xue Ying), artist
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  yy? (Xue Ying), artist


  May 9, 2021

About The WorkShop

  “Temporary Family” is an ongoing social practice, telling stories of how people imagine a diverse future family through hand sewing, painting, fabric exchange, and conversations. Participants were encouraged to create family members of any kind, be they human, animal, plant, a drop of liquid, or a piece of feather. The process was similar to designing fictional or emotionally representative characters for a novel and creating narratives around their family relationships, activities, emotions, and experiences. “Temporary Family” hopes that people can freely practice narratives and dialogues about home and love in a non–realistic family environment, and also enjoy exploring “home” as a small relational environment. This will hopefully encourage further discussions about politics, society, personal identity, and other topics. This public program at X Museum is an imaginative and rebellious workshop, aiming to listen and respond to the different experiences of each individual and the family stories they carry, and to heal the small wounds we all have left by love and family. “The world is small, it (might be) a (temporary) family . . .” 1 1 Adapted from the lyrics of the song “The World is Small, It is a Family” from the Chinese TV series Stories from the Editorial Board, 1991.

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