X Virtual Workshop: PLA – Pure Life Assembly Workshop
X Virtual Workshop: PLA – Pure Life Assembly Workshop

Curator & Artists
Guest: Huang Jieyuan
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On 18th May 20:00-21:30 Beijing Time, artist Huang Jieyuan will be hosting the ‘X Virtual Workshop: PLA – Pure Life Assembly Workshop’ on the X Virtual platform.


  Huang Jieyuan


  May 18, 2023 / 20:00-21:30

About The WorkShop

  “PLA – Pure Life Assembly Workshop” is an integral component of the artist’s doctoral project “BOTI”. In “BOTI”, the artist focuses on technical intricacies in contemporary digital imagery, seeking to unravel the relationship between technical images and objects, and to think about the digital and virtualised mixed media space within this framework. In this workshop, the artist expands upon the project’s framework and content, creating an online participatory space on X Virtual’s platform. Guiding the participants on an introspective journey, the artist prompts an examination of the dichotomous hierarchy between robots and humans. Through the medium of visual sequences created with CGI, profound questions emerge regarding the creation and existence of robots, the intertwined relationship between robots and human appearance, as well as the notion of robot mortality.


  HUANG Jieyuan (1992, CN) works in Berlin, Linz and the online space. He is an interdisciplinary visual artist, project-based researcher, and he is the initiator of the ongoing project Image Field. In recent works he develops images, videos, installations, new media projects and research programs in the fields of technical imagery, artificial intelligence and humanoid, media art infrastructure, virtual space, his projects also involve Internet-based projects, artist curatorial practice, etc. His work has been exhibited in many national and international art institutions and exhibitions, including Ars Electronica, Ars Electronica Center, Chengdu Biennale, Beijing Times Art Museum, CAFA Art Museum, Chengdu A4 Art Museum, and many others. His research has been published in conference proceedings by ACM. He holds an MFA in Art in Context from the University of the Arts Berlin, with a research focus on “Artwork in the context of media and scientific image production”. He is the PhD candidate at University of Art and Design Linz, and established the artistic research project BOTI. In addition, he also explores the field of digital art under the virtual identity of easyJet©Wong.



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