X Virtual Workshop: Verbuchstabieren Trilogy: On the Dilemmas of Language, Identity and Culture
X Virtual Workshop: Verbuchstabieren Trilogy: On the Dilemmas of Language, Identity and Culture

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Guest: Yinglin Zhou
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On April 27th, 8:00-9:30 PM Beijing Time, artist Zhou Yinglin will be hosting the ‘X Virtual Workshop: Verbuchstabieren Trilogy: On the Dilemmas of Language, Identity and Culture’ on the X Virtual platform.


  Zhou Yinglin,artist


  April 27, 2023 / 20:00-21:30

About The WorkShop

  In the computer-generated world of “Mondo,” renowned cultural landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, and other iconic sites from around the world form the original natural landscape of this virtual world. The “Citivanos” (world citizens) work together and communicate in a global language to rebuild the Tower of Babel. The main character, “Yinglin,” reluctantly signs a social contract in order to have the opportunity to live in “Mondo,” agreeing to abide by five terms outlined in the contract. However, as “Yinglin” enters “Mondo,” she begins to confront unknown divisions and struggles… ‘Verbuchstabieren’ is a three-part video work created by artist Zhou Yinglin based on her research into the cultural and identity dilemmas of cross-cultural immigrants in recent years. The trilogy consists of ‘One World, One Dream’ (2018), ‘Verbuchstabieren’ (2019) and ‘Unknown Connection Line’ (2020). ‘Verbuchstabieren’ is a word created by the artist based on German word formation. It implies the influence of alphabetic language on the structure of Asian languages, and thus suggesting the cultural colonialism behind the language. In the trilogy, the artist creates a fictional world ‘Mondo’ to explore issues ranging from language, to identity and cultural identity, to cross-cultural immigrant integration through the main character ‘Yinglin’. This workshop will present the core concept of the trilogy, the basic setting and the details of the works. The artist will share her long-term research and practice on cultural identity. Participants will also be invited to interact with the space and engage in thematic discussions with the artist while traveling through the fictional world of “Mondo.”


  Zhou Yinglin is a new media artist working with temporal-based media and digital virtual technologies. She is currently based in Berlin/Linz. She holds an outstanding master’s degree from Berlin University of the Arts and is pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Art and Design Linz. Zhou Yinglin’s recent artistic practice revolves around issues of identity, digital virtual space, and cultural equity. Her work addresses topics such as identity formation, cultural displacement, and the fissures of post-cultural colonial identities. She explores the construction and virtuality of digital realms, image expression in virtual spaces, and the dynamics of power within those spaces. Additionally, she proposes a futurist perspective on cultural equity. Zhou Yinglin’s works possess a research-oriented nature, characterized by ironic humour and sharp political attributes. Her projects demonstrate extensive reflection and analysis. Zhou Yinglin has received recognition for her work, including being shortlisted for “The Lumen Prize” and winning the Today Art Museum X InArt “Future Art” Artist Award (First Prize). She has also been shortlisted for the “Lentos Freunde Art Award” and received the third prize in the “Dystopia” iART Youth Art Program, as well as being named a rising artist in the “SAP Art Award.” Zhou Yinglin’s works have been exhibited at prominent domestic and international art institutions and exhibitions, including the Ars Electronica Center, Hong Kong Basel Art Fair Projection Space, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, A4 Art Museum, Today Art Museum, the 13th National Art Exhibition, and OSTRALE Biennale O21.

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